The 3 Events


Indoor Cycling Class

Indoor Cycling Class is set-up with stationary bikes which your instructor will help you to tailor to your body. Your Coach will lead you through a "ride" that includes a warm-up, "hills and various terrains", and a cool down. The intensity of your ride is determined by your cadence (speed) and the resistance you choose for each part of class.

Cycling is amazing for beginners to advanced students because YOU are in control of how hard you work. Cycling is also low impact (great for the knees!)


Aerobics Class - Kickboxing, Dance, Cardio Training

Your Aerobics Class will include CROSS TRAINING in various disciplines to keep your body losing weight and getting stronger.  We will include Kickboxing, Simple Dance (no coordination needed) and Aerobic Training Exercises. You will love it!

All classes can be done low impact, and special arrangements can be made for you in this section if you have any parts of your body that need extra care.



Your yoga class will include stretching, strengthening/toning, and breathing that will round out your training program. This yoga section is mainly about the postures (asanas) but will also include breathwork and a Hyp-Yoga Guided Meditation to work on your mental discipline at the end of class. 

Just like Cycling and Aerobics, Yoga can be tailored to fit any body and any level. Beginners to Advanced Yogis are Welcome!

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